JKR Ideas

JKR Ideas operates in the field of design and woodworking. Besides having their own collection, JKR Ideas offers design services and furniture manufacturing. The main idea of the company is to operate in an ecological way and utilise Finnish skills and materials. JKR Ideas’ products and services are aimed at individuals and companies that appreciate high quality, ecology and ethical entrepreneurship in general. Founder of the company is woodworking artisan Juhani Rauvala. The strength of the company is in designing and producing out of wood. The design is not, however, limited only to wood but depending on the product other materials may be used as well.


We have taken ecology into account all the way from the design  to the production. In design one must consider the re-usability of the materials, life of the product and the stress to the nature caused by manufacturing and transportation.

Ethical entrepreneurship

It is common to think that the only purpose of companies is to make as much profit as possible. Often economy dominates the environment and ethics. JKR Ideas feels that there is no need to separate productivity and ethical values, and they even should not be separated. Yet there are always compromises that need to be done, for productivity and ethicality are hardly ever in a perfect harmony. Between those things one just has to walk a tightrope to the best of one’s ability.